Sunday, July 19, 2015

Part 1 - Allegories in the Book of Alma (Summary)

Alma 1:
  • Zion-like (Millennial) conditions:
  • Introduction of pride and priestcraft (Order of Nehor)
Alma 2:
  • Rise of adversary - Amlici (satan) - follows path of Nehor, gathers followers, desires to be king and destroy the church
  • Assembly gathered - people vote against Amlici (satan)
  • Amlici (satan) leads his people against the people of God
  • Alma (Christ) leads the battle against Amlici (satan)
  • Alma (Christ) sends four spies (archangels)
  • Amlici (satan) defeated by Alma (Christ)
Alma 3:
  • A race of people (satan's followers) cursed for rebellion against four men (Amlicites also brought curse upon themselves)
Alma 4:
  • Alma (Christ) hands over governing role and "condescends" to focus on his duties as High Priest
Alma 5-6:
  • Christ's mortal ministry among the Jews (Jacob 5:16-18)
Alma 7-15:
  • Christ's post-mortal ministries among the lost Tribes (Jacob 5:20-25)
Alma 16:
  • Destruction of the Nephites (Jacob 5:40-43)
Alma 17-26:
  • Final Gathering of the Remnant(s) (Jacob 5:51-75)
Alma 27:
  • Gathered remnant arrives in Zion (Jacob 5:67-68)
Alma 28:
  • Final destruction before Second Coming (Jacob 5:69)

Alma 29:
  • Christ's Second Coming (Jacob 5:72)
  • Final Judgment
  • Heavenly Mother involved
  • Christ gives salvation to His servants and the gathered fruit (Jacob 5:75-77)

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