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14-Year Cycles - Part 9 - Conclusion

I've posted seven examples of this seven-year dyad pattern.  There are probably many others - I think there's one in Alma the Younger's life from 87 BC to 73 BC - I still need to look into it.  Paul mentions fourteen years in Galatians 2:1 and the sons of Mosiah spent fourteen years among the Lamanites on their mission.  There are some interesting ways that the Temple endowment ceremony lines up with this idea as well.  I might share a diagram but I'll need to decide if it's appropriate.  There is also a curious mention of fourteen in Matthew 1:17:
So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.
Looking at the overall themes of these seven examples there are some things that stand out.

  1. There are seven years of mostly overall peace and/or preparation. 
  2. At the end of the first seven years or beginning of the second seven years there is a major crisis or rise of an antagonist.
  3. The following seven years are difficult.
  4. Coming to know light and dark, good and evil.
The number seven represents completeness or wholeness.  I like the idea of two halves or two sides completing a cycle together.  Fourteen can represent fully knowing good and fully knowing evil.  

I've thought long and hard about this and come up with a few different theories.  I stress that these are theories so please take it all with a grain of salt.

  1. The earth is going through a 7,000 year dyad cycle.  My theory is that previous to Adam the earth had a matching 7,000 year cycle that was probably a bit easier or more preparatory.  At the end of that 7,000 years satan rebelled and all hell broke loose.  The second 7,000-year cycle began with Adam and now we find ourselves beginning the final unit of the second 7,000-year cycle, or the "fourteenth year".  It's interesting to note that two years before Christ came (the final year of the Nephites' fourteen-year cycle) Nephi spent the year preaching and bringing people to Christ.  After the fourteen-year cycle ended there was a brief period of chaos and then the wicked were all destroyed.  I feel that this corresponds to the millennial conditions that will soon begin followed by a brief season of evil being loosed and then a final casting out of the wicked and celestialization of our earth.

    The point of it all is so that we can experience a cycle as being "good" and a cycle as being "evil" so that we may know the good and evil.  Or the good from the evil.  Basically I believe that each time in scripture an individual experiences this pattern they are representing Christ over the course of the past 13,000 years and next 1,000 years.  When Nephi began preaching in the commencement of the 14th year it parallels Christ coming at the beginning of the final 1,000 years.

    Another reason I like this theory is that I believe in the vortex model of progression.  But in my model it's shaped like DNA - two matching paths orbiting around a center point.  The earth is going through this 7,000-year cycle twice like pairs on a DNA strand.  Or two planets around a sun.  
  2. The seven-year dyad is an ordinance from God, much like a 40-year pattern or 40-day purification/bleeding pattern.  Everyone following Christ will eventually, in some cycle of mortality, experience this 14-year pattern.  Joseph Smith, Moroni, Jacob, Joseph, the busy young man all experienced it on a personal level.  Somehow it prepares someone to become like Christ and to know good from evil.
  3. I have a theory that all ordinances and patterns that mortals go through our earth also goes through.  If this comes from God then it can be expected that our earth will also experience it.  I believe that around fourteen or fifteen years before Christ's Second Coming the earth will begin its own fourteen-year cycle - a cycle that all of these patterns in scripture have been pointing to.  I believe that we on this earth will be given seven years of relative peace in order to prepare ourselves for seven years of famine and war.  I don't know if those seven years of peace have begun or even ended already.  But I won't be surprised if after all is said and done that we can look back and see that this fourteen-year cycle did indeed happen and was followed by the destruction of the wicked after it was over.

So anyhoo, if you have any other theories or examples or more light to shed, PLEASE SHARE!

Nuwa/Fuxi, Adam/Eve, Compass/Square.  Intertwined and orbiting around a center mass.

The helical/vortex model of our solar system and galaxy:

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